Sunday, April 23, 2006

Taste of Hillcrest

Cheryl and Kiel invited me to go with them to the Taste of Uptown/Hillcrest. Here is a slideshow of some pictures that Cheryl took. $25 each got us a ticket and a map to 30 restaurants around Hillcrest. I was puzzled by the "Uptown" portion of the name given that all of the restaurants were in Hillcrest. Online I learned that this was changed recently because "Taste of Hillcrest" scared some people away and offended others. Uptown doesn't actually exist, except as a euphemism for Hillcrest used when businesses want to attract straight yuppies. :)
We only made it to about 18 of the restaurants in 3 hours, but I went back and hit two more after Cheryl and Kiel went home. The biggest shocker to me was the taste of Hash House A Go Go. They are famous for serving obscenely large portions, but their taste consisted of a tiny spoon-sized ketchup cup half full of milky corn chowder. The best taste was at Taste of Thai; They had a full-on mini plate consisting of four yummy entrees.

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Sounds like fun.