Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First evening surf session

I went for my first after-work surf session of the year. I hustled down to Mission Beach after work and surfed for about an hour. The conditions were small but good since there was almost no wind. Since the water temp is still in the 50's I paddled out in Holly's diving suit with the yellow penis on the front. All the dudes in the lineup took one look at that and paddled far away from me. :) I caught two really good rides, fell on two more, and then saw two dolphins swimming north about 30' from where I was in the lineup. After watching them swim away I rode the white in and watched the sunset.


Jill said...

Hang Ten!

Or 14... whatever that old saying is.

What does that mean?

You go you little surfin' hottie!

Love you bunches!

Unknown said...

Hang ten means to hang all ten of your toes off the front of the surfboard. Being from TN I might one day be able to hang 14...