Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cowboy up!

Yesterday as I was walking home from the shuttle I passed two cowboys arm-in-arm. They were fully decked out in painted-on black denim, compensating belt buckles, and even bigger black hats. I chuckled, walked a few hundred feet and saw another similar couple, then another. Then I noticed a HUGE truck parked near my place with a rainbow "Cowboy up!" sticker on it, then another one almost identical. I'm thinking to myself, "This Brokeback Mountain thing is getting WAY out of hand. I'm mean, what's next: Gay wrestlers?". Today I learned that the National Gay Rodeo was being held in San Diego and that the pre-event party was at a bar near my house. These guys were actually for real! Apparently this is causing quite a stir because they decided to have the Gay Rodeo in redneck East County instead of at the Del Mar Racetrack where it has been held for decades. Only in Southern California!

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