Sunday, April 30, 2006

Crawdad Fishin'

I went over to a party at one of Scott and Jen Anderson's relative's place. They had this modest house in Point Loma that had an amazing back yard. It was a big back yard, was terraced, had saunas, and had this huge pond full of koi and crawdads. The owner was in the process of relocating the crawdads to another pond at the school where he teaches. In order to accomplish this we helped him fish for crawdads all afternoon! A bamboo pole, some string, a lead weight, bacon tied to the end of the string, and lots of patience were all that was required. Too bad I didn't bring the camera.


Jill said...

You can take the boy outta Tennessee, but you can't take the Tennessee outta the boy!

Did you have an accent while you were doing it?

Unknown said...

Accent? Like, totally dude.