Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kook Report

I went surfing yesterday after work at La Jolla Shores around 5:00. I hadn't checked the surf report beforehand and was a little suprised by how big it was, but I paddled out anyway. Once I got out in the lineup I noticed that there weren't too many people out and almost no longboarders. Then I noticed the lifeguard jetski. Then I noticed that the chest-high waves that I paddled out through happened to be part of one of the smaller sets. Almost everything else was head high. Eek! I caught a wave and rode it for a little while before falling. I was in the impact zone, waves were coming in, and the safest thing to do was to head back out to the lineup. I hung out for a while watching folks take off. I took what looked like a smaller wave and ended up falling again. This time the leash slipped off my foot and the board went to shore. I swam after it and decided that these conditions were really beyond my ability. I played in the white for quite a while, had fun, and practiced turning. The real waves would break further out and then the white would reform into peaks and break again close to shore. These were 2-3' high, were smooth, and were very rideable. When I got home I saw online that there was some freakish offshore storm that had caused unusually large surf starting Sunday. The swell was at its biggest today, so I'm glad I kooked out on Monday rather than today.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hello Honda

For the second time now Akira has been stolen and recovered. The SDPD found my Accord somewhere in City Heights essentially intact. I think I'm going to just leave the keys in the ignition and put a Flexcar(tm) sign on it. Rufus will be pleased too. He he has spent many years shedding and drooling in the car and was upset at the prospect of having to start over again with a new vehicle.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Goodbye Honda

I needed to pick my friend Janet up at the airport tonight at 7:30, but decided to go for a run at 6:00 after I got off of work. I ran by where I parked the Accord on Saturday and noticed that... it wasn't there. So I proceeded to run around the neighborhood looking at all of the places where I've ever parked the car only to conclude that it was indeed gone. I rushed home only to find that I had forgotten to bring one of the three keys necessary to get me back into the church. I managed to get inside the gate, but couldn't get into the building. Of course Rufus heard me outside and started baying like the loveable hound he is. I pounded on doors and windows until one of my neighbors came out to rescue me (or quite possibly to see whos dog was barking). Holy crap, what an evening!