Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It rains in San Diego?

I went to see a Padres game with a friend from WIS after work on Tuesday. The only problem was that it was raining like crazy (by San Diego standards) and the game was cancelled. I've only been to three professional sports events in my life and two of them were rained out. After wandering around the park in the rain we decided to go to the Sod to listen to Irish music. The session was unusual in that it was crowded and that there was a flamenco player on stage. How could I tell he was a flamenco player you ask? Well, he was playing pretty good Irish backup, but he was using a flamenco strumming technique and had a beautiful custom-made nylon string guitar. After the session was over he smoked out some amazingly fast flamenco stuff. It was surreal hearing this back to back with Irish music in an Irish bar. Only in California.

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