Monday, April 03, 2006

Gregory Page

Angela, an Irish friend of Barbara's, had a house concert Saturday night and was kind enough to invite me. The performer was Gregory Page. I didn't know what to expect but was pleased at how good of a performer he turned out to be. He did the emo singer/songwriter thing but was an excellent musician and a good performer. His lyrics weren't too maudlin, but instead were rather clever and only occasionally sad. It was fun being in someone's livingroom watching a real pro sit on his amp and pour his heart out to 25 strangers.

Thai food for doggies

This past weekend started on Thursday evening due to Cesar Chavez day. My friend Atsumi came over for dinner with her sister Ryoko (visiting from Tokyo). They were all over the dog and literally smothered him with attention. He was a happy pup up until when we started to leave for dinner. When I pulled out the shock collar he pouted and Ryoko started asking questions about it. When Atsumi explained she became very concerned and was quite upset by my barbaric anti-bark doggie torture device. Instead of causing her further anguish I decided to take Rufus with us to dinner! We went to a nearby Thai place where Rufus curled up around Ryoko's feet and mooched spicy chicken off of his benefactor. At that moment he was the luckiest dog in Hillcrest and he damned well knew it. Rufus eagerly awaits her next visit.