Friday, May 19, 2006

Roadside Country Restaurant

Roadside Country Restaurant
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This was a roadside restaurant that my driver took me to while visiting the temples. The brown building with the dirt floor is the kitchen. :) You don't want to know about the toilets. The food kicked ass and the people were friendly. These were family friends of Chan, the guy who drove me around for three days. Chan was a super nice guy and was extremely friendly. He took me to a Cambodian wedding party, introduced me to his family, and took me to a party at one of his friend's house. This was defintely not the normal tourist experience. Almost every Cambodian that I met asked me where I came from, how long I was staying, what I liked about Cambodia, and about my family. This last question was the most important to them! I was constantly suprised by how friendly and sincere people are in Cambodia.

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