Monday, May 12, 2008

Rufus's Herd of Cows

Rufus's Herd
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Holly's sister Katie originally gave me the cow that Rufus has adored so much over the last year or so. The cow has been bathed several times, but is still suprisingly grungy. Katie mentioned that the Petco in La Mesa had several more of the same cows for sale so we stopped by and cleaned them out yesterday. I was shocked at how white and aroma-free they were! Today I presented Rufus with two additional cows and watched his little doggie brain implode as I squeaked them and teased him with them. He chuffed and bayed with delight, but soon decided that the well-seasoned beef was still the best.


Jill said...

OF COURSE the old one was better!

Holly said...

Actually, I gave him one of the new ones to play with. He promptly dropped it in the water bowl, let it soak for about a minute, then licked it off completely like it was one of his puppies. He now has to make two trips where ever he goes. He brings the old one upstairs, settles down, then jumps up and runs downstairs to get the new one. I'm gad I didn't give him the third, as he might wear himself out completely running up and down the stairs to move all of the cows.