Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chew Toy?

Chew Toy?
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We had an unexpected visitor come into our lives while mom and dad were visiting last week. This little guy was hanging out across from the doggies' food bowls and was trying to hide behind a piece of rawhide. Fortunately the dogs were passed out upstairs; Otherwise there would have been a bloody mess. As it was there was plenty of excitement! Mom freaked out when she saw the lizard on the floor not ten feet from the hide-a-bed where she was sleeping, I hesitated as I debated on how to best pick it up without touching it, and then Holly came downstairs to save the day. She walks up bold as brass, says "Oh, a lizard. I'll just take him outside", and scoops him up with her hands while mom and I are wigging out. Apple comes running downstairs to see what's happening and gets so interested in where the lizard had been that she is almost licking the floor. Rufus, my boy that he is, could have cared less.


Anonymous said...

"wigging out" is not strong enough. He looks SOOOO BIG!

Henri said...

I agree with "anonymous". That lizard looked totally fierce if you ask me. Feral almost. Dude, come to visit in Honolulu where geckos fall on your face while you're in the shower and where they're so loud at night sometimes you feel happy they're letting you live in their house. Then we'll talk about wigging out.

Allison said...

I like the intersection of your postings here with the eck blog. I feel like between the two that I'm in the San Diego loop. Keep up the good work!