Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mom and Dad's visit

Mom and Dad seem to enjoy their whirlwind tour of San Diego. We managed to squeeze in the following in less than four days: Pt. Loma, O.B. Dog Beach, Sunset Cliffs, In-n-Out Burger, Shelter Island, driving around North Park, University Heights, Kensington, La Jolla, the seals, the Cove, the Shores, Mt. Soledad, the desert, the Tecate border crossing, the Acorn Indian Casino, In-n-Out Burger with Rufus, the dog park with Rufus, Balboa Park, the Chicken Pie Shop, El Zarape, shopping in Solana Beach, driving around Encinitas, Leukadia, and Carlsbad, Torrey Pines, driving through UCSD, Perry's Breakfast House, the Cafe on Park, flip-flop shopping for Dad, almost record-breaking heat, Dad dropping his drawers in front of two amused ladies at seal beach, and quite a few other things I've likely forgotten. I know I had fun!

Traffic? What traffic?

Traffic? What traffic?
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Mom and dad drove down from Portland last week and arrived Friday. We decided to drive out to the desert on Saturday to look at rocks. Dad would just stop in the middle of the highway while mom and I took pictures of... rocks. Mom and I convinced dad that the Acorn Indian Casino had nice bathrooms, so we abandoned the rocks for the glowing air-conditioned solace of the casino. Mom and I dropped about $30 while dad took a leak. I really don't understand the alure of the casino. Why waste money gambling when you can invest in lottery tickets?