Monday, June 05, 2006

Goodbye Honda

I needed to pick my friend Janet up at the airport tonight at 7:30, but decided to go for a run at 6:00 after I got off of work. I ran by where I parked the Accord on Saturday and noticed that... it wasn't there. So I proceeded to run around the neighborhood looking at all of the places where I've ever parked the car only to conclude that it was indeed gone. I rushed home only to find that I had forgotten to bring one of the three keys necessary to get me back into the church. I managed to get inside the gate, but couldn't get into the building. Of course Rufus heard me outside and started baying like the loveable hound he is. I pounded on doors and windows until one of my neighbors came out to rescue me (or quite possibly to see whos dog was barking). Holy crap, what an evening!