Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Interesting Super Tuesday Statistic

I have been obsessed with the primaries this year and have been following the races closely. I spent last night glued to the tube and the internet as the results came in for the twenty odd Super Tuesday primary states. After enduring all of the hype and inane commentary from the talking heads I finally found a statistic that speaks volumes: In the 19 states that had both a Republican and Democratic primary there were 14,460,149 combined voters for Obama and Clinton versus 8,367,694 voters for McCain, Romney, and Huckabee. 73% more people came out to vote for the two Democratic candidates than for the three Republicans.

Does this mean that the Democrats are more determined to win the presidential election this year? Does this mean that the Republicans are uninspired and lost without the Karl Rove machine driving them? Regardless of who gets the nomination in either party I feel that this disparity in voter turnout gives hope that the Democrats might not screw it up this time.