Saturday, February 02, 2008

TV B Gone

TV B Gone Kit
Originally uploaded by buckyreed

TV B Gone
Originally uploaded by buckyreed
I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl this year now that I have built up my TV B Gone kit. I ordered it from Make Magazine after eating one too many meals in restaurants with blaringly loud TVs. It is basically just a universal remote that turns off any television by cycling through all of the various manufacturer's OFF codes! I soldered it together this morning and am now trying to figure out how to fit it inside my old Nokia cellphone. The LEDs are infrared, so the only way I could check to see if they all worked was to look at it through the viewfinder of my camera. You can try that with your TV remotes; It is pretty cool! Now I'm off to the gym where I can test it on lots of TVs. I'm going to try to hit the sports bars tomorrow and see how well it works in the wild. Hopefully no one will notice why the TVs start turning off during exciting parts of the game.


Bunni said...

You are so evil! I love it. I hope it works!

Bucky said...

It works very well. The pawn shop with a wall of TVs was the most fun so far...

comment dit-on said...


must go for a spin / test drive with you soon. : )